Wyclef Jean + Venus Williams

Season 4, Episode 6

Five-time Wimbledon® champion Venus Williams towers over the world of professional tennis and still finds time to challenge herself off the court as a designer running her own fashion line. Grammy Award®-winning musician and former Fugees member Wyclef Jean is equally ambitious, testing himself in new realms. Watch Wyclef give Venus her first guitar lesson and she returns the love with a crash course in tennis. A playfully competitive friendship unfolds as both of these self-made superstars explore the discipline and dedication of each other's pursuits. 

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Naturally Competitive

Venus Williams and Wyclef Jean discuss the qualities that make them successful.

Studio Basketball

Venus Williams and Wyclef Jean spend some time in the studio and shoot some hoops.

Wyclef & Venus Unplugged

Wyclef Jean serenades Venus Williams with an impromptu jam session.

Season 4, Episode 6

Wyclef Jean + Venus Williams Introduction

What is an Iconoclast?

Wycleff Jean explains what it means to be an Iconoclast._x000D_

What is an Iconoclast?

Venus Williams explains what it means to be an Iconoclast.

Wyclef Jean


With his formidable new album, Carnival Vol. II: Memoirs of an Immigrant, the Haitian-born Grammy Award-winning musician/producer/social activist Wyclef Jean has entered an important new phase of his career. "In the past few years many things have happened that have affected who I am," says Wyclef. "The unexpected passing of my father brought great spiritual reflection on what matters in life. God's gift of my daughter reminded me of how love is the greatest way to heal. I have traveled the world, seen the issues in my native land, and worked some of the most important recording artists artistically. This has given me a second wind, so to speak. Inspiration." READ MORE 

Venus Williams

Tennis Champion

At the tender age of 14, Venus Williams had already become a professional athlete, taking the world of tennis by storm. Fiercely determined and wielding an impressive physical prowess, she spent the next decade rising to the top-ranked position and winning numerous championships, including the U.S. Open, Wimbledon and doubles at the Australian Open and French Open in addition to two Olympic Gold medals. READ MORE 

GREY GOOSE® Original

Honey Deuce

Created to embody the spirit of great tennis championships with a blend of fresh flavors and the pure, smooth nature of the World's Best Tasting Vodka.

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