Season 3, Episode 1

His name speaks volumes. Future is an up-and-coming rapper from Atlanta who strives to create innovative, memorable songs every time he pics up a mic. Some of his mixtape tracks have already hit the club scene—especially Tony Montana. Future’s raw energy and drive is infectious, and it allows him to push boundaries and carve out his own niche in the competitive rap industry. Check out these clips below to see some behind-the-scenes footage of Future as he visits The Source Magazine, then hits the stage for an exclusive live performance.

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Up-and-coming rapper, Future, touches on his Atlanta roots and takes you inside meetings with The Source Magazine and Epic Records.

Live Performance

Future takes the stage in NYC to perform his smash hits Tony Montana and Magic for an audience sipping on GREY GOOSE cocktails.

Intersecting Crafts

Hugh Jackman relates his acting process to the culinary expertise of Jean-Georges.


Atlanta, Georgia

Future’s fame as a songwriter broke through to the mainstream when he penned most of the braggadocios BET Hip-Hop Award nominated blockbuster “Racks.” His immaculate mixtapes like Dirty Sprite, and songs such as “Tony Montana,” featuring Drake, have solidified him as the leader of the new wave of Atlanta bred superstars. READ MORE 



A dazzling trio of citrus, GREY GOOSE Le Citron, orange liqueur and white grapefruit juice.

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